Saturday, October 2, 2010

How to createa new revision to complete an import of new milestones

When you have successfully imported a csv file of new milestones, you have to tell Ruby on Rails about it.
  1. Log in to the production server ( through a web browser. Note that you must log in as an administrator.
  2. Check to make sure the date showing on the home page is the date of the last revision imported, and not the most recent one.
  3. Navigate to and click on "new revision."
  4. Enter the date of the revision (usually indicated by the filename, so named by DOE)
  5. Click submit. A new revision is created, with an automatically incremented revision_number. Note that this is not the same as the revision_id. That is just a database identifier. We only care about the revision_number. These may or may not be the same.
  6. Navigate back to the home page and check that date has been updated, and that data still properly loads.
  7. You're done.

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